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My passion for using drones to help military veterans recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stems from my own personal battle.

After numerous tours of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I developed a high level of PTSD. At times my struggles with this injury have led to addiction, homelessness, and even thoughts of suicide.

While I tried many therapies and treatments, I found the first significant relief from my symptoms through flying drones. While I didn't have any tangible medical proof of a drone's therapeutic value, I couldn't deny the peace I'd found as I flew above the ground. Momentarily, I found that I could abandon the dark and painful thoughts of war. After sharing my experiences with fellow veterans, I was encouraged by others who felt the same relief while piloting a drone. And Vigilante Cares was born.

Bringing veterans and drones together, Vigilante Cares allows vets the unique opportunity to experience flying above the world to escape the troubles below. We're humbled to help veterans find a moment of peace and offer skills to continue their journey even after the drone lands

By providing veterans with a personal drone, we hope to create purpose as the unmanned aircraft are used as a tool for self-therapy through civic-minded and conservation efforts. An enormous amount of energy is spent managing PTSD and we hope to help redirect some of this energy toward more positive endeavors. 


Founder, Veteran, Award-Winning Writer/Photographer, &

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

In addition to operating Vigilante Cares, David is also an award-winning photographer, writer, and licensed (FAA) Commercial sUAS pilot. A proud member of his local Search and Rescue team, David and his company Vigilante Drones proudly offer their Search and Rescue services free

within his local community.


A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, David is a former Marine Corps officer with a BS in Oceanography and has earned his MBA from the University of Redlands. David is a regular contributor for Rotor Drone Pro magazine and his articles can be seen in numerous periodicals.

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